Italian street food business specialising in piadina, pasta and arancini. Authentic Italian coffee and Italian soft drinks also available.

Piadina Pronto is proud to offer an amazing selection of Italian street food. Freshly prepared using the finest ingredients, our meals are made following traditional recipes straight from the Italian heartland. Check out our menu to see what’s on offer!


What do we propose

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Bread Doesn’t Come Fresher

Your piadina is made using the finest flat bread. We’ll roll the dough right in front of you before baking it there and then for that incredible, just-baked taste. It doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Our Star Baker

Our piadine is prepared by the talented Lee Hollywood. Lee is the brother of Paul Hollywood of the Great British Bake Off. We work with Lee because of the exceptional quality of his baking, which ensures our customers receive only the best.

Part of a Wider Tradition

Around the world, millions of people enjoy street food every day. At Piadina Pronto, we understand that time can be short when you’re looking for a filling, delicious snack. That’s why we aim to provide our deliciously fresh food as swiftly as possible. We may cut bread, but we don’t cut corners – so while we work to serve you with minimal delay, we’ll never compromise the quality of our meals.

Stunning Original Flavours

We’ve journeyed to Italy, researching traditional recipes in our quest to bring authentic Italian tastes directly to you. Several local businesses offered their warm hospitality – and showed us the secret of making irresistible, high-quality Italian cuisine! Handmade piadine, prepared in the traditional way, is a rare treat to uncover. So, don’t miss out on this culinary experience – stop by our stand today.